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    About Us

    Kelly Shirey

     Kelly Shirey is a folk-rock singer/songwriter who performs in the Pacific Northwest as both a solo artist and leader of the band,
    Kelly Shirey & Co. Kelly has been the front man and songwriter for many bands over the years including Midnight Sun, Eden, 3 Shades of Gray (3SG) and Woodrush. Woodrush consistently made the list of top PNW bands in Evening Magazine’s Best of Western Washington. His newest project, Kelly Shirey & Co. showcases his folk rock roots.

    Kelly’s music and his performances show an appreciation for all musical genres and his lifelong love of music. Kelly’s music is a study in raw passion and down home acoustic rock, mixed with a bit of blues and modern pop.  His performances play easily to all demographics, and musical tastes…a little something for everyone!  Audiences and venues always want Kelly Shirey & Co. to come back.

    Performances include a selection of original songs that showcase Kelly’s gift for wordplay, storytelling and orchestration.  He also has an extensive playlist of cover songs, both modern and classic, by artists such as; Avett Brothers, Ryan Adams, Lorde, The Beatles, Damien Rice, Iron and Wine, Jack Johnson, and countless other musicians and artists that have resonated in his life. As one might expect…he is always adding fresh material to the mix. 

    Who is "& CO."?

     Company includes “any one of many” accompanying musicians a person might see at a Kelly Shirey & Co. performance. See below for some of the regulars.

    The Regulars
    Jake Sand: A random encounter brought Kelly back in touch, and playing music together.  One of his first musical partners in crime, Jake Sand and Kelly performed together in the grunge band, Midnight Sun, in the late 90s. Jake now regularly performs with Kelly Shirey & Co. singing harmony vocals as well as playing a wide range of musical instruments including a suitcase drum kit, bass, lead guitar, and lap steel. When Jake gets-a-rockin’ you can’t help but clap along as he stomps out the rhythm on his foot tambourine! Hiss raw and passionate harmonies are a great match for Kelly’s style of music. Jake is truly a man of many talents and a wonder to watch. Check out his personal music project, The Meadow Roads.

    Jessie Penaluna: A classically trained violinist with the soul of a jazz piano player. Jessie is as talented as she is lovely. She has no trouble jumping and filling the sweet spot with soaring violin leads and adding 3rd part harmony vocals, or jumping in on bass when needed. Jessie naturally commands the violin, and brings a whole new dimension to the overall sound.

    Occasional Performers

     Occasional Performers
    Jim Castaneda: Jim and Kelly go way back… For years they have been playing the north west music scene both as a big six piece rock band, 3 Shades of Gray,  as well as the award-winning duo/trio by the name of Woodrush. Known as the human beat-box, Jim brings his unique brand of mouth-music, bass riffs and high-arching harmonies to the stage. 

    Brian Rockwell: Mandolin player and guitar-slinger. Long-time close friend, Brian, used to be a member of Woodrush.

    Dannie McKeown: Vocalist and flute player. Everyone loves Dannie! Just say “Hi”, she’ll make you feel like a million bucks. 

    Greg Heaston: Harmonica player. Greg, or “Grizzle” as he was nicknamed by a fan, plays a few tunes with the boys like “Walk on By” and “Ain’t no Sunshine”. 

    Music sample

    A short montage of music samples


    A selection of songs performed with several musicians from the Kelly Shirey & Co. line up


    Video montage created by Gordon Star Photography

    World Goes Round

    "World Goes round" by Bob Schneider

    Performed by Kelly Shirey and Victoria Roberts at The Tiny Ninja Cafe in Seattle

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